Four key reasons why the explicity teaching of creative thinking in education is essential to improve performance.



Six Thinking Hats

Lateral Thinking

Focus on Facilitation

Children drawing

1. Economic and social development depends on better 'design' thinking. Today's world needs much better thinking than it is currently getting. Constructive thinking is essential for progress. There is a need to design the way forward. Many of the arguments and conflicts that arise do so precisely because of our traditional adversarial thinking habits.

2. We waste a huge amount of talent if we fail to teach our children and students constructive thinking skills. At an early age there is one major gateway which determines whether a child is likely to realise their full potential in school, or not. This is the reading-writing gateway. For many reasons, whether they are gifted, have special needs, are talented or deprived, some young people struggle at this stage and may be lost forever. If 'thinking' is offered as a parallel gateway then many of these individuals could turn out to be excellent thinkers with huge effects on their self-esteem and the way others treat them. Those who seemed to fail at school but did well later in life, would in fact have done well at a 'thinking gateway'. It is simple enough to achieve with the basic CoRT programme.

3. Creative thinking is important for the enjoyment of life. The traditional ready-made solutions often no longer apply. In minds made passive by television and popular music there is very little practice of thinking. The result is behaviour that is driven by peer pressure (as in drugs) or despair (as in suicide). Why does Australia have the highest suicide rate in the world under the age of 24 years when the quality of life is probably the best in the world? Youngsters need to be taught to think for themselves.

4. The development of thinking skills helps in and outside the classroom.Although the main purpose of teaching De Bono thinking skills in education is to improve pupil performance and achievement, such skills will also help them in the outside world.